How Caroo Helped CNS Media Hire Quick & Save Thousands

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How Caroo Helped CNS Media Hire Quick & Save Thousands

Who are CNS Media?

CNS Media are one of the fastest-growing full-service regional media agencies in the UK.

They have offices in South Yorkshire and West Midlands with aspirations to expand into further regions.

With services consisting of national media planning & buying for TV, radio, Out of Home, press, magazines, ambient, digital and web development.

CNS have an enviable mix of national, regional, and local clients across several sectors including retail, motors, care, public sector, recruitment, education, and services.

Many of them are well-known, leading national or regional brands within their sector.


The problem

CNS Media was looking to hire two new employees, a Digital Marketing Executive, and an Account Director.

They were having trouble finding qualified candidates on their own using traditional methods like job boards or manual sourcing.

The cost to post on multiple job boards was also a problem, as often, job boards provide irrelevant candidates which then need further qualification to make sure they’re the right fit.

Another concern CNS had was that of time.

The Account Director role was pivotal to their expansion. It was crucial for CNS to get the right person in the right seat as quick as they possibly could.

Caroo Recruitment Agency


The Solution

To begin with, the very idea of outsourcing the hiring of an Account Director to an external agency gave CNS Media’s internal talent team the chills.

Traditional recruitment agencies are often expensive and work on complex terms. As urgent as the role was, CNS didn’t feel like shelling out absurd amounts of money on something they could potentially manage themselves.

However, Caroo stepped in and made the whole process much smoother.

Not only did we offer competitive pricing, we also gave CNS some favourable terms and a quality service to make the decision to use an RPO agency a no brainer.

Using Caroo, CNS were able to effectively fill both roles and relatively quickly.

Caroo also managed to find the perfect person for the Account Director role in just 12 days.

They were hired 6 days later, enabling CNS Media to continue their propelled growth.


What did CNS have to say?


“When we first engaged with Caroo, we weren’t sure.

We’d had previous experiences with recruitment agencies and none of them were positive or left us wanting more.

Caroo was different.

I felt like they really listened to our needs, and this later reflected when they sent CVs across.

All of the candidates that were put forward were absolutely brilliant and we had a really hard time choosing between the selection that was offered.

CNS Media

They were also incredibly communicative at every stage.

We never felt left in the dark or anything like that, it was all pretty straight forward and we knew who we could call if we ever had any concerns.

In the end, the best candidate won and we couldn’t’ve been any happier.

It took them 12 days to hire the perfect fit and they're still with us today doing a brilliant job.”

Tom Smithson Director CNS Media




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